How Do You Cook Chicken Breast In A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Cooking chicken breast in a Pit Boss pellet grill is a great way to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. Pit Boss grills are known for their versatility and ease of use, making them a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. If you’re new to using a Pit Boss grill, or if you’re looking for tips on how to cook chicken breast on this type of grill, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of cooking juicy and flavorful chicken breast on your Pit Boss pellet grill. We’ll cover everything from seasoning and marinating the chicken to setting up the grill and achieving the perfect level of doneness. Follow our tips and tricks, and you’ll be able to impress your family and friends with your grilling skills in no time!

Quick Answer
To cook chicken breast in a Pit Boss pellet grill, first, preheat the grill to 350°F. Season the chicken breasts with your desired seasoning or marinade. Place the chicken breasts on the grill grates and close the lid. Cook for about 20-25 minutes or until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165°F. Flip the chicken breasts halfway through cooking and baste with your favorite barbecue sauce for added flavor. Rest the chicken for 5 minutes before slicing and serving. Enjoy your juicy and flavorful chicken breast from your Pit Boss pellet grill!

Preparing the Chicken Breast for Grilling

Preparing chicken breast before grilling is an essential step that determines the quality of the final dish. The first step is to ensure that the chicken breasts are trimmed of any excess fat or skin and patted dry with a paper towel. Next, tenderize the chicken breasts by pounding them with a meat tenderizer or the back of a heavy skillet. This allows the marinade or coating to penetrate the meat, making it more flavorful and juicy.

Marinating the chicken breast is the next step. You can go for a simple marinade of olive oil and lemon juice or experiment with various combinations of herbs, spices, and oils. Marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes to a couple of hours to allow the flavors to infuse. Another option is to coat the chicken breast with a dry rub, which is also a flavorful approach. Overall, ensuring that chicken breast is properly cleaned, trimmed, tenderized, and marinated will make it ready for grilling on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill.

Selecting the Right Wood Pellets for Grilling Chicken

Pellet grills have become popular among many grill masters because of their versatility, convenience, and ability to give food a smoky flavor without much effort. When it comes to grilling chicken breasts, selecting the right wood pellets is crucial to get that perfect smoky taste.

Different types of wood pellets produce varying flavors, and choosing the right one can enhance the taste of your grilled chicken. For example, hickory pellets provide a strong, smoky flavor that is ideal for darker meats like beef or pork. On the other hand, fruit wood pellets like apple, cherry, or peach impart a sweet, mild flavor to the chicken, making them perfect for lighter meats. When selecting wood pellets, make sure they are compatible with your Pit Boss pellet grill model and consider the type of meat you want to grill to get the best results.

Using the Pit Boss Pellet Grill’s Temperature Control Feature

Using the Pit Boss Pellet Grill’s Temperature Control Feature is crucial for cooking chicken breast to perfection. This feature allows you to set the temperature to the desired level and ensures that it remains constant throughout the cooking process. To use the temperature control feature, first power on the Pit Boss Pellet Grill and let it heat up to your desired temperature.

Once the temperature has been set, place the chicken breast onto the grill grates and close the lid. The temperature control feature will ensure that the grill maintains a consistent temperature, allowing the chicken breast to cook evenly. It is important to monitor the temperature throughout the cooking process, and adjust it if necessary to prevent any burning or drying out of the chicken breast. The temperature control feature is a great tool for achieving the perfect cook on your chicken breast, and ensures that every bite is tender and juicy.

Applying a Dry Rub to the Chicken Breast for Better Flavor

Applying a dry rub is an excellent way to add flavor and depth to your chicken breast. Pit Boss pellet grills are ideal for cooking chicken with a dry rub because they allow for even heat distribution, which ensures that the flavors meld together perfectly. To apply a dry rub, start by patting your chicken breasts dry with paper towels. This will remove any excess moisture that may prevent the rub from adhering to the chicken.

Next, apply the rub generously to both sides of the chicken breast, making sure to rub it in well so that it sticks to the chicken. You can make your own dry rub using your favorite spices and herbs or buy a pre-made rub from the store. Once you’ve applied the rub, let the chicken rest for a few minutes before placing it on the grill. This will give the rub time to marinate and penetrate the meat, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavorful chicken breast that you and your family will love.

Reverse Searing Chicken Breast for Juicier Results

Reverse searing is a game-changer when it comes to cooking chicken breast on a Pit Boss pellet grill. This technique involves slow-cooking the meat at a low temperature first and then finishing it on high heat. It results in a perfectly cooked chicken breast with a juicy and flavorful center.

To reverse sear chicken breast on a Pit Boss pellet grill, start by preheating the grill to 225°F. Place the chicken breast on the grill grates and smoke it for around 45 minutes or until it reaches an internal temperature of 130°F. Then, take the chicken breast off the grill and increase the temperature to 425°F. Put the chicken breast back on the grill and cook it for another 5-7 minutes to sear the outside and lock in the juices. The end result will be tender, juicy chicken breast with a crispy and flavorful outer layer.

Checking for Doneness and Ensuring Food Safety

Checking for doneness and ensuring food safety is crucial when cooking chicken breast in a Pit Boss pellet grill. The easiest way to check for doneness is by using a meat thermometer. Insert the thermometer probe into the thickest part of the chicken breast without touching the bone. When the temperature reaches 165°F, the chicken breast is cooked through and safe to eat. If it’s still undercooked, continue cooking until the desired temperature is reached.

It’s important to remember that undercooked chicken can lead to food poisoning. To ensure food safety, always use a clean cutting board and wash your hands before and after handling raw chicken. Additionally, make sure the chicken breast is cooked on all sides to avoid any bacteria in the meat. By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy a delicious and safe chicken breast cooked on your Pit Boss pellet grill.

Slicing and Serving the Grilled Chicken Breast to Perfection.

Once you have grilled your chicken breast on a Pit Boss pellet grill, it’s time to slice and serve it to perfection. Slicing the chicken breast is important, as it determines how well-cooked the chicken is. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices, against the grain, for an even and tender texture.

To enhance the presentation of your grilled chicken breast, arrange the sliced chicken on a platter with some garnish, like fresh greens or sliced vegetables. When serving the dish, consider pairing it with your favorite sides, such as roasted vegetables or a refreshing salad. With the perfect slicing technique and a little creativity, you can elevate your grilled chicken breasts into a dish that is not only delicious but also visually appealing.


Cooking chicken breast on a Pit Boss pellet grill requires a little bit of preparation and attention to detail. But once you get the hang of it, the possibilities for creating juicy, flavorful chicken dishes are endless. To recap, start by selecting the right temperature and seasoning for your chicken breast. Then, use the indirect cooking method and rotate the chicken regularly to ensure even cooking. Finally, use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature and avoid overcooking. With these tips, you’ll be able to prepare delicious, healthy meals for your family and friends in no time.

In addition to being a healthy and tasty cooking option, using a Pit Boss pellet grill can also reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike traditional grills that rely on charcoal or gas, pellet grills use compressed wood pellets made from recycled materials. This means that you can enjoy your favorite grilled dishes without contributing to air pollution, deforestation, or other environmental issues. So, in addition to improving your culinary skills, cooking chicken breast on a Pit Boss pellet grill can support your efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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