How Do You Store Swiss Chard In The Fridge?

If you’re a fan of the nutritious and versatile leafy green known as Swiss chard, chances are you’re looking for the best way to store it in the fridge. Whether you grow your own or buy it at the grocery store, storing Swiss chard properly can help extend its shelf life and keep it fresher for longer.

But how can you ensure that your Swiss chard stays at its best? In this article, we’ll explore the most effective methods for storing Swiss chard in the fridge, as well as some tips for preparing and cooking this delicious vegetable. So whether you’re a seasoned cook or a Swiss chard newbie, read on to learn how to maximize the lifespan and flavor of this nutritious green.

Quick Summary
After washing and drying Swiss chard leaves, remove any damaged or wilted portions. Wrap the leaves in a paper towel and place them in a plastic storage bag with some air left inside. Store in the vegetable crisper or coldest section of the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days.

Understanding Swiss Chard: Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Swiss chard, also known as silverbeet or simply chard, is a leafy green vegetable that is an excellent addition to any meal. It is related to beets and spinach and is commonly grown in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. Swiss chard is known for its nutritional properties and health benefits.

This versatile vegetable is packed with vitamins A, C, K, and E, as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. It is high in fiber and low in calories, making it an ideal choice for weight management. Swiss chard is also rich in antioxidants, which can help protect the body against chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Additionally, this leafy green has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in reducing joint pain and inflammation. In short, Swiss chard is a superfood that can make a significant contribution to a healthy and balanced diet.

Proper Storage Techniques for Fresh Swiss Chard

Proper storage techniques are essential for keeping Swiss chard fresh for longer periods. The first step is to remove any damaged or wilted leaves and discard them. The remaining leaves should be washed thoroughly in cold water to remove any dirt or debris.

Next, shake off the excess water and dry the Swiss chard using a paper towel or a clean kitchen towel. Once the leaves are dry, wrap them loosely in a damp paper towel or a plastic bag with some air holes to allow for breathing. This will help to maintain the moisture in the leaves and prevent them from drying out. Store the wrapped Swiss chard in the crisper drawer of your fridge, where they will stay fresh for up to a week. Remember to avoid overcrowding the drawer as this could damage the leaves. Proper storage techniques are essential for maintaining the taste, texture, and nutritional value of fresh Swiss chard, so make sure to follow these tips to enjoy your greens for longer.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Clean Swiss Chard Before Storing

Before storing Swiss chard, it is important to clean it properly to ensure it stays fresh for a longer period of time. Follow these simple steps to ensure your Swiss chard is clean and ready to store.

Firstly, separate the leaves from the stems and discard any yellow or damaged leaves. Rinse the leaves gently under cold running water to remove any dirt or debris. Fill a large bowl with cold water and add one tablespoon of white vinegar. Soak the leaves in this mixture for 10-15 minutes to remove any impurities. Rinse the leaves again under cold water to remove the vinegar mixture. Dry the leaves with a clean towel or use a salad spinner to remove all the excess moisture. Once dry, store the Swiss chard in an airtight container lined with a paper towel or in a plastic bag with a few paper towels to absorb any excess moisture. By cleaning Swiss chard properly before storing, you ensure that it stays fresh and healthy for longer, making it a great addition to your meals.

Choosing the Best Container: What Types of Containers to Use and Avoid

When it comes to storing Swiss chard in the fridge, choosing the right container goes a long way in ensuring that the leaves stay fresh for longer. Ideally, you want to choose a container that has an airtight seal to prevent moisture from entering and causing the leaves to wilt. Glass containers are an excellent option as they do not retain any odors or flavors from previously stored foods. Moreover, they are easy to wash and can be used in the microwave or oven.

However, it’s essential to avoid using plastic containers as they tend to trap moisture which can lead to rotting. Instead, opt for a breathable container like a paper bag or airtight container with small ventilation holes. You can also use produce bags that are specifically designed to keep vegetables fresh for a more extended period. By choosing the best container, you can store Swiss chard in the fridge for up to 10 days without compromising its taste and nutrition.

Maintaining Freshness: How to Keep Swiss Chard Crisp and Flavorful in the Fridge

To maintain the freshness of your Swiss chard in the refrigerator, you need to take a few basic precautions. Once you have cleaned the leaves and removed any damaged parts, place the Swiss chard in a re-sealable plastic bag. Before sealing it, make sure to remove any excess air. The bag will help prevent the leaves from losing moisture, which will keep them crisp and tender.

When storing Swiss chard in the fridge, it’s best to avoid placing it near any fruits that produce ethylene, such as apples or bananas, as this can cause it to spoil quickly. In addition, make sure to keep the temperature of your refrigerator at around 40°F or below. This will prevent the Swiss chard from wilting and losing its vibrant color. By following these simple steps, you can keep your Swiss chard fresh for up to a week or more, allowing you to enjoy its delicious flavor and nutritional benefits for longer.

Tips for Extending the Storage Life of Swiss Chard

To extend the storage life of Swiss chard, you need to follow some simple tips. First, avoid washing the leaves before refrigerating them. The excess moisture will make Swiss chard spoil faster. Instead, simply remove any dirt or debris with a dry paper towel or a soft brush. If you prefer to wash it, make sure the leaves are completely dry before storing.

Second, remove any damaged or wilted leaves before storing Swiss chard in an airtight container or a plastic bag with some air holes. Store Swiss chard in the fridge’s crisper drawer or in a cool spot in the fridge. Keeping it away from fruits like apples or bananas which emit ethylene gas that can cause Swiss chard to spoil faster. By following these tips, you can extend the storage life of Swiss chard to up to one week or more which means less food and money waste.

Creative and Delicious Swiss Chard Recipes to Make with Freshly Stored Produce

Once you’ve properly stored Swiss chard in the fridge, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll use it in your recipes. This versatile leafy green can be used in many different types of dishes, from smoothies and salads to stir-fries and soups. Here are a few creative and delicious Swiss chard recipes to inspire your culinary adventures:

1. Swiss Chard and Feta Tart: This savory tart is a great way to showcase the beautiful colors of Swiss chard. Simply sauté chopped chard with onions and garlic, then mix with eggs, crumbled feta, and fresh herbs like thyme and parsley. Pour into a pre-baked pie crust and bake for a delicious and satisfying meal.

2. Swiss Chard Pesto: This vibrant and flavorful pesto is a great way to use up a large amount of Swiss chard. Simply blend blanched chard leaves with garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, and olive oil until smooth. Use as a spread on sandwiches, a topping for pasta, or a dip for veggies.


Storing Swiss chard in the fridge is a simple task that requires minimal effort. It is always important to follow the guidelines for storing vegetables so that they can stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible. The first step is to remove any excess moisture and wrap them in a damp paper towel. Once wrapped, store the Swiss chard in an airtight container or plastic bag in the fridge’s crisper drawer.

Proper storage of Swiss chard can prolong its shelf life and keep it fresh for up to a week. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the wholesome goodness of Swiss chard in your meals for several days. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to purchase Swiss chard in bulk when available and store it properly to enjoy all its nutritional benefits.

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