How Much Does A Doterra Rep Make?

Doterra is a well-known multi-level marketing company that offers a wide range of wellness products infused with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. From its humble beginnings in 2008, Doterra has grown to become one of the largest and most successful direct-selling companies focused on essential oils. With a network of independent consultants, the company has expanded its reach globally, empowering individuals to build their own businesses and sell Doterra products to customers worldwide.

As a Doterra rep, you have the chance to grow your own essential oil business and earn a steady income. But how much can you really expect to make as a Doterra rep? In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that can impact your earnings potential, along with some tips on how to succeed as a Doterra consultant. So, if you’re interested in becoming a Doterra rep or just curious about the earning potential, read on to learn more.

Understanding the Business Model of Doterra

As a direct selling company, Doterra operates on a multi-level marketing business model where individuals, also known as Wellness Advocates, sell the company’s essential oils and related products to customers. These Advocates earn a commission on sales and are also eligible for bonuses if they meet certain sales targets. Additionally, Advocates can earn residual income from the sales made by team members they have recruited.

To become a Doterra Wellness Advocate, one must sign up and purchase a starter kit, which includes essential oils and basic business tools. The cost of the starter kit varies depending on the country, but it typically ranges from $35 to $550. Doterra also offers training and support to its Advocates to help them succeed in the business. Understanding the business model of Doterra is crucial for anyone interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate and earning an income through the company.

Factors that Affect Doterra Rep Earnings

There are several factors that can influence how much a Doterra rep earns. One of the biggest factors is the level of commitment that the rep has to the business. Those who are willing to put in more time and effort will generally see higher earnings than those who only work part-time.

Another factor that can impact earnings is the size of the rep’s customer base. Doterra reps who are able to attract more customers and make more sales will naturally earn more money than those who struggle to build a customer base. This can be influenced by factors such as marketing efforts, networking skills, and the quality of the products that they are selling. Additionally, the level of support that the rep receives from their upline (i.e. their sponsor and other higher-level reps) can also play a role in how much they are able to earn from their Doterra business. Overall, there are many factors that can impact earnings, and it is up to each individual rep to create a strategy that will help them maximize their potential.

Average Earnings of a Doterra Rep

The average earnings of a Doterra rep vary widely depending on a number of factors. The company operates on a multi-level marketing (MLM) model, which means that reps earn money via commission on their own sales as well as the sales of those they recruit into the business.

According to Doterra’s 2019 annual income disclosure statement, the median annual earnings for a “Wellness Advocate” (the term used for reps) was $413. However, this number does not give a complete picture, as some reps may have only joined for personal use of the products and not actively pursued sales, while others may have built a substantial team and earned significantly more. Overall, the earning potential for a Doterra rep is largely based on the effort and commitment put into building the business.

How to Increase Your Earnings as a Doterra Rep

As a Doterra rep, there are several ways in which you can increase your earnings and build a successful business. Firstly, focus on building a solid customer base by marketing Doterra products through social media, networking events, and word of mouth. By building strong relationships with your customers, you can foster repeat sales and increase your earnings.

Secondly, consider becoming a Doterra leader by recruiting new reps and building a team. As a leader, you can earn commissions on your team’s sales and enjoy bonuses for achieving sales targets. Additionally, Doterra provides ample training and support for leaders to help them grow their businesses. By consistently striving to improve your skills and knowledge, you can maximize your earnings potential and build a thriving Doterra business.

Doterra Rep Benefits and Bonuses

Doterra representatives enjoy various benefits and bonuses as part of their compensation package. One of the most significant benefits is the opportunity to earn commissions on sales. As a rep achieves higher sales targets, their commission percentage increases, resulting in increased income. Furthermore, the company offers retention bonuses and leadership bonuses to motivate its representatives to stay with the company and continue to perform well.

In addition to monetary rewards, Doterra reps can benefit from the company’s training and development programs. The company provides its reps with extensive training on its products and offers various resources to help them excel in their roles. This not only helps the reps feel confident in their knowledge of the products but also enables them to create a loyal customer base through increased customer satisfaction. These benefits and bonuses make being a Doterra rep a well-rounded and rewarding opportunity for those who are passionate about health and wellness.

Challenges Faced by Doterra Reps and Tips to Overcome Them

Being a Doterra rep can come with its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is standing out in a market that is growing more crowded by the day. With more and more people turning to entrepreneurship, it’s essential to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. Another challenge is building a loyal customer base. You have to focus on building a relationship with your customers and maintaining those relationships over time.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these challenges. First and foremost, you need to have a solid business plan in place. This should include a clear mission statement, marketing strategies, and a roadmap for growth. You should also leverage technology to your advantage, using social media and other digital tools to reach customers who might not otherwise know about your business. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and seeking out mentors can provide invaluable guidance and support in growing your Doterra business.

Comparison of Doterra Earnings with Other MLM Companies

In the world of MLM, there are several companies that offer lucrative earning opportunities. Doterra is one such company that offers its reps a chance to earn a substantial income. However, when it comes to comparing Doterra’s earnings with other MLM companies, the results might surprise you.

According to a study conducted by, Doterra ranks as the second-highest MLM company in terms of earnings per rep. The company offers an average income of $1,662 per month, which is significantly higher than many other MLM companies. This earning potential is largely due to the high quality of Doterra’s products and the loyal customer base that the company has built over the years. Overall, if you’re looking for a legitimate MLM company with high earning potential, Doterra is definitely worth considering.


It is clear that becoming a Doterra representative can be a financially rewarding career. However, the amount of money one can make largely depends on their efforts and dedication. It requires hard work, consistent marketing, and an understanding of the products in order to succeed.

While the income potential may vary, Doterra offers many perks and benefits for their representatives, including discounts on products, access to training and support, and the opportunity for personal growth and development. If you are passionate about essential oils and are willing to put in the effort, becoming a Doterra representative may be a great opportunity to earn a living doing something you love.

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