How Old Is The Folgers Slogan?

Folgers, one of the biggest coffee companies in the world, has been using their famous slogan “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup” for years and it has become a household phrase. But how old is this slogan? Has it been around since the beginning of Folgers or was it a newer addition? In this article, we’ll explore the history of the Folgers slogan and the story behind its creation.

The Folgers company was founded in 1850 by James Folger and has been selling its coffee to consumers for over 170 years. Over time, the company has gone through various changes, including changing ownerships and rebranding efforts. Through all of these changes, one thing has remained constant – the Folgers slogan. In this article, we’ll delve into the history of the Folgers brand and how their slogan has evolved over the years.

Key Takeaway
The Folgers slogan “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup” has been in use since 1984.

The History of the Folgers Slogan

The Folgers slogan is one of the most recognized in the world of coffee advertising. The slogan, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,” has been heard on television and radio commercials, seen in print ads, and even become a part of popular culture. But when did this iconic phrase first come into existence?

The Folgers slogan was first introduced in 1984. It was developed by the advertising agency, DDB Needham, who was working on a campaign for Folgers. The goal of the campaign was to increase sales in the competitive coffee market. With the help of the catchy slogan and an unforgettable jingle, the campaign was a huge success, and the Folgers slogan soon became ingrained in the minds of coffee lovers everywhere. Today, the slogan is still used in Folgers advertising and is recognized around the world as a symbol of the delicious and energizing qualities of Folgers coffee.

The Origin Story of “The Best Part of Waking Up”

The history of the famous Folgers slogan “The Best Part of Waking Up” can be traced back to the early 1980s. This tagline was introduced by the advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, as part of an extensive marketing campaign.

The idea behind the slogan was to emphasize the role that Folgers coffee played in people’s morning routines. It was designed to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, and convey the message that starting your day with a cup of Folgers coffee was truly the best part of waking up. The campaign was a massive success, and the jingle that accompanied the slogan became an iconic piece of advertising history. Even today, more than 30 years after the campaign first launched, “The Best Part of Waking Up” remains one of the most recognizable slogans in the world of coffee.

The Evolution of the Folgers Slogan over Time

The Folgers coffee brand has been in the market for over 160 years, making it one of the oldest coffee brands in America. And, of course, with such an impressive history comes a unique and interesting journey of different slogans over the years. The evolution of the Folgers slogan is a testament to the company’s marketing strategy and how it has adapted to various cultural and societal changes in America.

Folgers’ earliest slogan was “Mountain Grown,” which emphasized the brand’s high-quality coffee beans. Over the years, the slogan has taken on different forms, from “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup” to “We’re Just at the Beginning of a Good Thing.” Today, the brand’s slogan is “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup,” which has become iconic and synonymous with the brand itself. This journey highlights the importance of branding and advertising in creating long-lasting brands that have stood the test of time.

The Marketing Strategy Behind the Iconic Folgers Slogan

The marketing strategy behind the iconic Folgers slogan is an interesting insight into the power of branding. Folgers launched its famous “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup” slogan in 1984, and it has been a part of the brand’s advertising campaigns ever since. The slogan has become so ingrained in popular culture that it is difficult to imagine Folgers without it.

The strategy behind the Folgers slogan is simple yet effective. It identified the central value proposition of the brand – the feeling of waking up to a fresh cup of Folgers coffee – and turned it into a catchy, memorable slogan. The slogan’s message is clear, and it reinforces the brand’s characteristics: reliable, traditional, and comforting. By creating a consistent image through its advertising campaigns, Folgers has established itself as a reliable brand that people can trust to deliver a good cup of coffee every morning.

Analyzing the Impact of “The Best Part of Waking Up” on Folgers Sales

“The Best Part of Waking Up” slogan has been synonymous with Folgers coffee for over three decades. The iconic phrase first appeared in a commercial in 1984 and became an instant hit, resonating with consumers across all demographics. The slogan has been used consistently since then and has become embedded in the brand’s identity.

There’s no denying that “The Best Part of Waking Up” has played a significant role in the growth and success of the Folgers brand. The slogan has helped the company establish a strong emotional connection with its consumers, positioning the coffee as an essential part of their morning routine. The catchy jingle and uplifting message have also helped strengthen brand recall and attract new customers, contributing to the steady growth of its sales over the years. Overall, “The Best Part of Waking Up” has proven to be a timeless and effective marketing message for Folgers, one that has stood the test of time.

Notable Parodies and Spin-Offs of the Folgers Slogan

Over the years, the Folgers slogan has been parodied and referenced in various forms of media. In 2006, a popular YouTube video called “Peter Comes Home for Christmas” featured a man surprising his family with his unexpected return home, set to the tune of the Folgers jingle. The video went viral and remains a classic example of the power of nostalgia and advertising.

Additionally, the slogan has been referenced in popular television shows like “The Office” and “Family Guy,” as well as in movies like “The Other Guys” and “Pleasantville.” Some brands have even created their own spin-offs of the Folgers slogan, such as a 2015 Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial that used a similar storyline of a brother and sister vying for the affection of the same man, but with a humorous twist. The Folgers slogan continues to be a cultural touchstone, inspiring parodies and homages across different forms of media.

The Legacy of “The Best Part of Waking Up” in American Culture

“For more than three decades, the Folgers slogan “The Best Part of Waking Up is Folgers in Your Cup” was a ubiquitous part of American culture. The jingle first aired in 1984 and quickly became a national sensation. It was simple, catchy, and memorable enough to become an enduring part of Americana. Over the years, the slogan has been used in countless Folgers commercials, print ads, and promotional materials, and it has even been parodied in various movies and TV shows.

Today the slogan has become a beloved cultural reference point, evoking warm feelings of nostalgia and comfort. It is a testament to the power of advertising and branding that a simple jingle can become so deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of a nation. Even decades after the first airing, “The Best Part of Waking Up” remains one of the most recognizable slogans in American history, and its legacy is a testament to the enduring power of a catchy tune.”

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the Folgers slogan has been around for over 160 years, making it one of the oldest and most recognizable slogans in the advertising industry. Its simplicity and straightforwardness have made it timeless, allowing it to resonate with consumers from generation to generation. The slogan’s success can be attributed to its ability to capture the essence of Folgers coffee, delivering a message of quality and satisfaction that continues to compel coffee lovers today.

While the Folgers slogan has remained relatively unchanged over the years, it has proven to be a reliable and powerful marketing tool for the brand. It has stood the test of time, surviving through countless shifts in consumer preferences and advertising trends, and continues to be a hallmark of the Folgers brand. In the end, the Folgers slogan remains a testament to the power of a great marketing message – one that can endure the test of time and leave an indelible mark on the minds of consumers.

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