What Season Is Chopped In Now?

Chopped is a cooking competition show on Food Network that challenges professional chefs and home cooks to create extraordinary dishes in short periods of time using pre-selected ingredients. The show has become immensely popular since its inception in 2009, and has consistently maintained high ratings over the years. One of the reasons for its success is its ability to keep viewers engaged by changing the format and theme of each episode.

One question that fans of the show often wonder about is what season is currently being filmed or aired. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the entertainment industry, many viewers are curious about whether Chopped has had to make any adjustments to its production schedule. In this article, we’ll explore the filming and airing schedule of Chopped, and look at how the show has adapted to the current circumstances.

The Background of Chopped

Chopped is a popular reality cooking competition television show that has been on air since 2009. The show features four chefs competing in a three-round elimination-style challenge, each round requiring them to prepare a dish using mystery ingredients found in a basket. The dishes are then judged by a panel of culinary experts who eliminate one chef in each round until one winner is left standing.

The show’s unique format and fast-paced action have made it a favorite among food lovers and culinary enthusiasts. After 32 seasons, Chopped continues to be a popular show that features guest judges and celebrity contestants while maintaining its signature style of showcasing chefs’ creativity, skills, and determination through each competition. It has also inspired spin-offs and extensions of the show, such as Chopped Jr., Chopped: Sweets, and Chopped: Gold Medal Games, among others, which provide even more opportunities for chefs to showcase their skills.

The Concept of Chopped Season

The popular food competition series, Chopped, follows a seasonal format for its airing schedule. Each season consists of a set number of episodes that air weekly. The exact timing of each season may vary from year to year, but typically, a new season of Chopped airs in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The concept of Chopped season is based on the availability of fresh ingredients during different times of the year. This allows the show to feature seasonal produce and other ingredients in each episode, keeping the content fresh and relevant. Additionally, the seasonal format gives viewers a sense of anticipation and excitement as they wait for each new season to begin, wondering what new surprises and insights it will bring. Overall, the concept of Chopped season is a smart way to keep the show engaging and entertaining for viewers, while also showcasing the best of what each season has to offer in terms of ingredients and culinary inspiration.

Chopped Season in Fall

Chopped Season in Fall

Fall is the season of bounty and Chopped, the popular culinary show on Food Network, perfectly captures the essence of this season by bringing out the most luscious autumnal ingredients. The crisp air and breathtaking fall foliage make it the perfect time for culinary challenges. The contestants are put to the test with seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, apples, figs, pears and squash. The unpredictable basket ingredients become even more exciting and challenging as the show moves towards the finale.

Chopped season in fall has always been highly anticipated, not only for the seasonal ingredients but also for the special guest judges who come on board. The show brings in celebrity chefs and food industry experts to judge the contestants’ culinary skills. The fall season of Chopped is pure indulgence for food enthusiasts and showcases the versatility of the autumnal ingredients. It is a reminder of how seasonality can truly be a driver of creativity in the culinary world.

Chopped Season in Winter

Winter is a popular season for the Chopped competition. As the temperatures drop, the competition heats up as talented chefs from across the country gather to battle it out for the title of Chopped champion. During this season, the competition is often more intense, and the challenges faced by the chefs are more demanding. The chilly weather also adds an extra layer of pressure on the competitors, as they must not only create delicious meals but also keep their dishes warm and appetizing in the cold weather.

Winter challenges on Chopped often include ingredients that are typically associated with the season, such as root vegetables, squashes, and hearty meats. Chefs must use these ingredients to create innovative dishes while also grappling with difficult time limits and unexpected curveballs thrown their way. Overall, Chopped season in winter is an exciting time for fans of the show, and it is a season that many viewers eagerly anticipate each year.

Chopped Season in Spring

Chopped, one of the most popular cooking competition shows, follows four chefs as they face off in three rounds of intense cooking challenges. The show, which first premiered in 2009, has become a fan favorite, with viewers eagerly anticipating each new season.

Chopped is a year-round show, and the spring season is no exception. This season usually airs from March until May, with new episodes premiering each week. The spring season of Chopped features many of the show’s classic challenges and themes, such as mystery baskets filled with seasonal ingredients and themed episodes like the annual Grillmasters competition. As always, the chefs must impress the judges with their culinary skills, creativity, and presentation as they compete for a chance to win a $10,000 prize. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the show or a newcomer looking for some thrilling cooking competition, the spring season of Chopped is sure to deliver.

Chopped Season in Summer

Chopped Season in Summer:
Summer is a season of freshness, vibrancy, and abundance, and the same is mirrored in the Chopped Kitchen. During summers, Chopped offers exclusive episodes that are in sync with the season’s mood and produce. The signature ingredients in the mystery baskets showcase the season’s bounty, like fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

The summer season is also known for its outdoor cooking, and Chopped features grillmaster episodes where the chefs cook up a storm on the grill. The judges taste grilled delicacies like barbeques, smoked meats, and grilled vegetables, making the episodes an absolute delight for meat lovers. Chopped also airs special episodes dedicated to outdoor cooking competitions, increasing the challenges and bringing out the best in the chefs.

The Future of Chopped Season.

As of now, Chopped is currently airing its 46th season, which premiered on September 1, 2020. This season features the usual format of four competing chefs facing off in three rounds, with one contestant being eliminated after each round. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the show has had to adapt to new safety protocols, such as having the judges taste the dishes separately instead of all together at the table.

Moving forward, the future of Chopped looks promising as it continues to be a popular culinary competition show for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike. With an extensive library of past seasons and spin-offs, the show has established itself as a staple in the Food Network lineup. As long as there are talented chefs willing to compete and viewers interested in watching, Chopped is sure to continue entertaining and inspiring audiences for seasons to come.


As the seasons of Chopped continue to roll on, fans are left wondering what new twists and turns the show will take. Despite a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chopped has returned with a revamped format that has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. From themed episodes to exciting guest judges, Chopped remains a dynamic and entertaining cooking competition.

In the end, the season of Chopped that we are currently in is just another step in the journey of this beloved show. Whether you are a die-hard fan or simply a casual viewer, Chopped is sure to inspire and delight with its innovative challenges and impressive culinary creations. We eagerly await what the future holds for this iconic cooking show.

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